Software Architecture

To users, our system has three main components:

  • Pervasive displays that detect user presence, show relevant and engaging content and initiates interactions with the profile
  • Smartphone applications that continue the interactions on personal devices
  • A web application that enable profile creation, update and monitoring as well as responding to incoming callouts.

To the future system builders, the system is composed of software and physical objects. The software part can be further categorized as:

  • Local devices that process data and control the displays
    • Presence detectors that detect the presence of users and send the data to core application to process
    • Core application that receives data from presence detector, recommends profiles and dynamically changes the tags
  • A web server that facilitates creation of profiles, stores data, handles data requests from local servers and responds to QR-initiated interactions
    • Web application that assists profile creation, shows statistics and handles messaging
    • Mobile web application that responds to QR-initiated interactions
    • Database that stores user profiles, statistics and communication history.
  • Smartphone applications that capture QR code and login users to the system.
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