User Feedback Plan


In order to establish the effectiveness of ‘Who’s That?’ in context, two tests will be conducted on an interactive prototype of the system. The first, an active test, will examine the user’s comfort with and and understanding of the interactions facilitated by the system. This test will also look at the ability of those interactions to help the user accomplish social goals. The second will be a passive test that evaluates the system’s ability to grab user attention and initiate interaction.

Test One: Active

Five potential users will be recruited to interact with the ‘Who’s That?’ pervasive display using the accompanying smartphone application.


Participants will be recruited first from our existing pool of prior testers and second from the list of Informatics undergraduate students. All participants will be offered $10 Amazon gift cards for their time. Testers must be undergraduate students and will preferably be North Quad residents.



Testers will be sent a form to submit all of the information that would normally make up their ‘Who’s That?’ profile. This will include their year, major, floor number, courses, interests, skills, other distinguishing facts and a background image of their choice. We will use that content to create “real” profiles that will be mixed in with five other fake profiles.


  • Participants will receive an introduction to the system that explains its basic functionality, introduces QR codes if they are not familiar with them and explains how to open the ‘Who’s That?’ android application.
  • Participants will then introduced to the ‘Who’s That?’ display and will be free to interact with it as they see fit. They will be asked to think aloud while they do so.
  • Finally, testers will be shown profiles that include the three different ‘Who’s That?’ interaction types, and will be encouraged to try all three.


Participants will be asked to reflect on their experience with the system. A specific script of questions is pending.

Test Two: Passive

The ‘Who’s That?’ display will be set up in a public place. Residents who walk past the display will be observed for reaction to the profiles. Profile animation which would require the observer to have a profile of their own will be simulated. Select residents will be approached for more direct feedback when appropriate.

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