Final Presentation and Feedback

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1. “It’s interesting that people categorize other people based on the floor they live on. Why do you think this happens?
Proximity seems to be an important factor. These are the people they are most likely to run into on a daily basis. Also, people in certain floors share the same social / academic circle – e.g. global scholar program students all live in 4F. Another possible reason is that going to other floors may not be easy. Sometimes the stairways are in “concealed” places and residents must use the elevators to get to another floor.

2. I think this could be really useful to residents, especially new students to help them meet other people.”
Great! We hope so too!

3. “–great discussion of findings about residents habits and comfort levels
–good looking storyboards and mockup”


4. Really great research! Good findings:) Good focus, looks like there is a real need. Try to summarize the data with less text. Like the social implications of the web app. What motivation do people have to get the app?
Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind! We had so many interesting findings, it was a challenge to convey the richness of our findings while keeping our slides brief πŸ™‚ In regards to motivation, the profiles themselves are the motivation. Assuming that people want to meet other people or get involved in activities of interest (which our research has shown is true in general), people will want to interact with interesting profiles. When they see that they need the app in order to do so, they will be motivated to download it. We can include information at the bottom of all profiles that help the user to find/download the app.

5. Nice job on your research, sounds like you got a really good read on the current atmosphere in the dorms. I like your ideas a lot.
Thanks! Our research really helped dispel some of our preconceptions about the social atmosphere in NQ. We will be mindful of NQ social norms in the future iterations of our concept.

6. I think that using QR codes seems like a really cool idea. This seems like a really good concept, I think that it really took into account what you learned from your interviews with NQ residents.
Thanks! We believe the QR codes will allow our users to capture the data they are interested in and interact with it “on-the-go”.

7. I like the idea and I think it is very useful. I am just curious whether users can search for the profile that matches their own interests among so many profiles?
We have not planned for a search feature, mostly because the system is not intended to be used for a directed effort to find a specific individual or group. The focus has been on the profiles being peripheral… that they offer a chance opportunity to meet new people or get involved in new things, rather than required a concerted effort. I think that “luck of the draw” element is part of what makes the system interesting and what would keep people looking at the profiles each time they returned to the elevator banks. (If we enabled them to simply search the whole database whenever they want, then they’d know that they’d already seen all profiles they were interested in.) The functionality we’re planning maximizes the chance of you seeing someone you’re interested in, but does not assume that anyone is making a concerted effort to find someone else.

8. “Very detailed research”
Thanks, we tried πŸ™‚

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