Observation 1

Afternoon, Main lobby (1:05pm – 1:50pm; 50 min) – Hao

  • 80% of interviews go / come in alone.
  • They always stand in the center line of two elevators. Never too left or too right.
  • The like to check out what’s happening in the front desk area (there is a big screen TV).
  • People always go out directly.
  • Nobody (technically only two) watches the two big monitors.
  • Things people usually look at: map, doors, elevator buttons, and card reader. Then start to look around.
  • If they are talking, most likely they are not gonna pay attention to the environment.
  • People usually don’t talk to strangers.
  • The average waiting time between 1:00-2:00 is 15-20 sec, if they need to wait. About 30% of the people observed can get into an elevator without waiting more than 3 seconds. After 1:30, most people can come into the directly.
  • Surprisingly, people don’t use cell phone often when they are waiting for the elevator.

Observation 2

Afternoon, 4th floor (2pm – 2:20pm; 20 min) – Hao
(2-3 people came, no notes)

Observation 3

Evening, Main lobby 5pm-6pm (60min) – Ari

  • Total 63 observed instances
  • 50 / 50 split between number of groups leaving and arriving
  • About 60% were individuals, 40% groups of 2 to 5
  • 35% of those entering caught elevators without any pause
  • 63% of those exiting left without any pause
  • About 30% of both groups paused to glance at the television / RA table
    * *note:CNN was broadcasting info from Egypt at the time

  • Only 1 instance in which someone looked at the wall displays
  • Only 2 instances in which people used personal devices (music or phone)

Observation 1

Evening, Resident floor lobby, 6pm-7pm (4th floor) (60 min) – Ari

  • Total 2 observed instances
  • 1 leaving, 1 arriving
  • My presence influenced heavily the behavior of the individual leaving
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