System Architecture

System Architecture

A complete implementation of ‘Who’s That?’ has six primary components as depicted below.

  • Flash Application – Exists local to the ‘Who’s That?’ display. Generates and animates user profiles based on the bluetooth signatures present.
  • Bluetooth Detector – Exists local to the ‘Who’s That?’ display. Detects bluetooth signals within range and transmits the MAC address to the flash application. Written in C#.
  • Android Application – Captures QR codes and appends information that identifies the user who took the action. Displays the corresponding web interface that is referenced by the code.
  • Mobile Web Application – Facilitates messaging and game playing on the user’s mobile device. Exists in the cloud.
  • Desktop Web Application – Exists in the cloud. Enables profile creation, user messaging and tracking of interaction statistics.
  • Database – Exists in the cloud. Stores all user profile data and record of interactions.

Prototype Architecture

The prototype version of ‘Who’s That?’ will not include a database or the desktop web application. User profiles will be hard coded ahead of time and messaging will be simulated. Please refer to the ‘Detailed System Architecture’ to the right for a detailed depiction of those functional elements that will be part of the prototype as well as those that won’t. Elements in gray will be excluded.

High Level Architecture

High Level System Architecture

Detailed Architecture

Detailed System Architecture Diagram

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