Preliminary Concepts


Session 1

  • Create 3 lists (Ideas, Problems in North Quad, Spaces in North Quad of particular interests)
  • Brainstorm and expand on ideas based on problems list and spaces list
  • Do walk-through of North Quad to stimulate additional brainstorming
  • Summarize new concepts from walk-through
  • Take away notes to continue private brainstorming

Session 2

  • Share new ideas to complete list of potential projects
  • Group project ideas together into three basic themes
  • Select 2 of those themes
  • Refine ideas in each theme into cohesive project ideas


Concept 1: Tracking and Coordination

Goal: Facilitate finding of people and available spaces in North Quad


    Enabled by: 

  • Cell phone tracking + motion detection + measure of noise levels in NQ
  • Mobile app that provides access to this info

1.) Search for individuals from friends list
2.) Identify available meeting rooms
3.) Identify spaces appropriate for study or other purposes



  • Primarily North Quad students
  • Secondarily faculty and staff

Value: Reduces cost of coordination, saves time



  • Cell tracking: via MAC address distance from wireless access points
  • Motion detection: Kinect or similar tech
  • Noise levels: Microphones
  • User access: Andriod based application


Concept 2: Ubiquitous Display-Preferences

Goal: Create a ubiquitous, peripheral-information profile to allow users to have personalized experiences with public displays.


    Enabled by: 

  • Interactive displays
  • User Profiles
  • A user-recognition gesture (QR codes/hand-motion/etc)

Who: Anyone living and working in NQ (mostly regular use of the space)

Where does the interaction take place? Any place where there is a public display (media gateway, lobby, meeting rooms, potentially alcoves in future)


    What will the interaction consist of? 

  • User creates profile with preferences (events, schools, friends, etc.)
  • Displays have QR code, use cell phone to scan code, then you get choices specific to you at that location (e.g. show bus schedule, find and add interesting events to calendar, free food, answering machine: post/get msgs)
  • Ambient/mood related feed-back (images of outside, different flickr pictures, light, temperature)


    Why is this a good idea? 

  • Transform screens into useful and personalized tools
  • Customized per user
  • Persistent information reduces user’s need to fumble 
with their devices


    How might a prototype/demo be built?

  • Android app
  • Web app for screen with QR codes

Feedback on Concepts 1 and Concept 2

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