Demo Script


The context for the demo our sytem is as follows:
It’s moving day for North Quad residents. There are a good mix of sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Residents are introduced to the different aspects and facilities of the building by the RAs. As a part of their ‘moving-in’ package, residents are introduced to ‘Who’s that?’ and instructed to create their profiles online and download the app for their smartphones.

Interaction 1

User walks into the elevator lobby on his floor. The display near the elevator reacts to the presence of the user by changing the current profile and emphasizing on tags relevant to the user. The user’s attention is caught by the change in the display and they start reading the content.  The profile creator is hosting a moving party. More information about the party can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the profile. The user takes their phone out, opens ‘Who’s that?’ app and scans the QR code to get more information. The elevator arrives and the user leaves. The profile on the display changes.

Interaction 2

User is waiting for the elevator. They see the display and walk near it. The display changes the current profile and emphasizes the tags on the profile relevant to the user. The user sees an invitation from the profile creator to play Two Truths and a Lie game with the creator by scanning the QR code present on the profile. The user opens ‘Who’s that?’  and scans the code. The user spends the next two minutes playing the game. The user then moves away to get to class. The display changes back to the first profile.

Interaction 3

The first user returns to the lobby. The display changes from the current profile to another one, as the first profile has already been displayed to the user.

Interaction 4

A user is sitting in front of their computer, viewing their ‘Who’s that?’ dashboard on the web. The user is the creator of the moving party. They see that they have received multiple messages from viewers of their profile, about the moving party. The user responds to these messages through the system.

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