Pervasive Social Computing

Updated Concept: “Who’s That?” is a pervasive application used to connect residents in North Quad residential Hall. Residents create a profile based on key characteristics (i.e. year, major, floor, and interests) identified in our research with North Quad residents. On the monitors in the elevator lobby of each floor of the residential hall, the resident’s profile will display a dynamic tag cloud of these characteristics. The tag cloud dynamically responds to residents as they pass in front of the monitor by enlarging relevant (or matching) tags and minimizing irrelevant tags. When residents set up profiles, they can initiate interactions (such as “contact me”, “learn more”, or “play a game”) through QR codes within their profiles. Given the public nature of the elevator lobby environment and the variable 0-40 second wait time for residents, our team believes that the benefit of privacy and capturing interactions “on-the-go” outweighs the inconvenience of the user having to pull out a phone to use a QR Code reader to interact with the profiles.


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