Communication Covenant

Communication Rules:

  • Team meetings will take place on Thursday at 5:30 PM and last until 7:00pm. The team will aim to meet occasionally on weekends, as necessary, to expedite the project process.
  • If a member is unable to attend a meeting they are required to notify at least 1 team member at least 24 hours in advance if possible by e-mail or by telephone except for emergencies.
  • If a team member does not notify others that they are unable to complete their task, they shall be tarred and feathered in front of the entire class. No. Realistically, on the second offense they will need to e-mail the instructor (as well as forwarding to all group members) that they failed to complete their assigned work and of the reasoning behind it.
  • If someone is overwhelmed by their tasks they will discuss it with the team and ask for help, and the team will work to find a solution.
  • The primary mode of communication for the team is by email.
  • Team members at the very least will check email twice a day responding within 24 hours during the week.
  • If an urgent response is needed from a team member, they will get a text or phone call.

Code of Conduct

  • Be proactive about starting and consistently contributing to assignments and group work.
  • Be willing to be flexible to accommodate the group needs.
  • Take responsibility for communicating personal needs and concerns openly.
  • Respond sensitively to others expressing their needs and concerns.
  • Bring up conflicting issues as soon as possible after the point of conflict to avoid build-up of unresolved dissent.
  • Address conflict with the person you have conflict with directly. If that is uncomfortable, seek help with another member for the purpose of directly addressing the issue in the future.
  • Work cooperatively and in good faith to resolve conflicts.
  • When discussing group ideas, criticize ideas not people.
  • When discussing interpersonal conflict, represent your own feelings and needs only, and let others represent theirs.
  • If any team member fails to participate in the meeting of any milestone without communication with the rest of the group, then they are expelled from the group.


Project Manager: Ari

Webmaster: Gloria

Secretary/Record Keeper: Hao

Liason: Morgan

Milestone Lead: Team members will rotate taking the lead for each milestone based on expertise:

  • Milestone 0 : Website/Communication Covenant – All
  • Milestone 1 : Preliminary Concepts – All
  • Milestone 2 : Formative Study and Refined Concept – TBA
  • Milestone 3 : Video Prototype – Gloria
  • Milestone 4 : Interactive Prototype #1 – Gayathri
  • Milestone 5 : Interactive Prototype #2 – TBA
  • Milestone 6 : Final Video and Report – TBA
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