Meet Team *bOOp*

Gayathri Balasubramanian

Gaya(thri) Bala(subramanian) is a second-year HCI student. She is still an engineer at heart and likes to roll up her sleeves to get her hands wet in code. Before returning to grad school Gayathri worked as researcher at Cognizant Technology Solutions, India for two years. Gayathri’s interests include designing for accessibility, collaboration and education.

Morgan Keys

Morgan is a second-year MSI student, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and Information Economics for Management. In undergrad, Morgan earned degrees in Mathematics and English (specializing in creative writing). Morgan has an enduring fascination with technology and it’s intersection with culture and thought–this drives his work and learning at the School of Information. Also, he is an avid music fan and podcast listener.

Gloria Murillo

Gloria is a second-year HCI student. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Human Biology from Stanford University. Gloria worked as a web designer for HealthMedia, Inc. for 6 years before returning to graduate school. In addition to interaction design, her professional interests include innovation, user research, persuasion, information visualization, marketing, and smart technology.

Ari Parnes

Ari is a second-year MSI candidate, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. He is also currently leading the user experience design effort for LectureTools, a web-based student response system. Before returning to graduate school, Ari worked for seven years in a variety of marketing roles. He completed his undergraduate degree in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Ari’s professional interests currently include educational technology and games, information visualization, and augmented reality.

Hao Zeng

Hao is a second-semester HCI student. He is experienced in web design using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and know JAVA programming. Hao was the founder and designer of a taobao-based online store “Shangyafang Boutique” in China. He received his bachelor’s degrees in Literature and Management from Zhejiang University, China, and his desire of studying HCI is driven by very strong interest. Although still being a first-year novice, Hao is a quicker learner and is eager to learn a lot through the course and project!

To tell you a secret: In fact, you are saying his name everyday repeatedly everytime you say “how (hao) are you” to others.

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